Keviah Watrice, is the Founder of the mobile application "She Who Is Called". Through her mobile application, God has allowed her to create a platform of thousands and thousands of women that she empowers through her own life experiences and Godly wisdom.

Whether it is through her daily devotionals or her spot on daily notifications she seeks to shine light in dark places.


In 2014, Keviah became very intrigued with the concept of purpose. She grew up in church and was very aware that God blesses us with our own tailored gifts to give back to the world. As she became more aware of her unique ability to help people through her words, she decided to start a blog. In 2014, she started as an inspirational blogger where she used her platform to share her journey of purpose, hardship, and victory. As her blogging journey progressed, Keviah desired to take things to the next level with something that would allow people all over the world to her place of passion and inspiration. On March 10th of 2017, she launched the She Who Is Called Mobile Application that today serves over 32,000 women through free daily devotionals, notifications that come at just the right time, chat rooms, opportunities to network, and SO MUCH MORE!