Keviah Watrice, is an influencer, speaker, and entrepreneur. As founder of the mobile application She Who Is Called, she specializes in teaching believers how to stay uplifted in the midst of their downfalls.

Through her mobile application and various social media platforms, God has allowed her to create a platform of thousands and thousands of women all over the world that she empowers through her own life experiences, revelations, and Godly wisdom.


In 2014, Keviah became very intrigued with the concept of purpose. She grew up in church and was very well aware that God blesses us with our own gifts and purpose. As she became more aware of her unique ability to help people through her words, she decided to start a blog. In which she used her platform to share her journey of purpose, hardship, and victory. As her blogging journey progressed, Keviah desired to take things to the next level with something that would allow people all over the world to her place of passion and inspiration. On March 10th of 2017, she launched the She Who Is Called Mobile Application that today serves over 50,000 women daily through the use of notifications, daily devotionals, chat rooms, prayer requests, and more.


During the past five years, Keviah has felt the many emotions of entrepreneurship. She’s experienced the fear, the wanting to quit, the feeling inadequate, the God do you still see me? Along with everything else that comes with the territory of following your purpose through God. However she’s discovered the many hidden gems of God that erases every feeling a woman internally battles on her journey to purpose and living free.

As a speaker, she focuses her time on stage discussing mental, emotional, and spiritual intelligence along with purpose, and entrepreneurship with God running the show.

Currently, Keviah has decided to expand her territory and work more closely with women who are ready to commit to change. She does so through her signature digital life kits, a digital kit tailored to help women know who they are, and know who they are well. Keviah plans to offer a series of different kits specifically targeted to different internal disconnects women are having.